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  • I really recommend this group tours

    "I really recommend this group tour" We have seen the villages, We met so many local people and even got invited into a local wedding reception! Our guide in the Village spoke the best English of any guide and we got to experience life in a small farming village. Excellent tour. Regards Elizabeth Wilkes.

  • Sapa Vietnam, a place should not be missed.

    Sapa Vietnam, a place should not be missed. We booked this trekking to sapa for 2 days and 1 night by bus and LAM from this company and Sapa bus tours.com supported us with exellent quality. Bus was comfortable and picked up on times. Guide was so helpful, friendly and informative. Hotel room, food and itinerary were perfect. Could not ask for more from.whay we have paid and received. Highly recommend.

  • Amazing tour 2 days in Sapa , Vietnam

    "Amazing tour 2 days in Sapa , Vietnam" I will start this article by saying that I am not an adventrous person and not even close to a hiker. While in Hanoi me and my friends (one of them being a 4month pregnant woman) decided to book some 1-2 day trips from one of the many local agencies on the streets of Hanoi. We payed for the 'medium quality' 2 day, 1 night Sapa Trip although even today, we haven't got the slightest idea what we got extra, and payed 75$ / person. You have the choice between the 'sleeper-bus' (5hours) and train(8hours). The both leave in the evening and arrive in the morning in Sa Pa. From the bus station you will be taken to a 'not-so-nice' hotel where you will be served breakfast, get the chance to change or shower and be assigned a guide from the local ladies. Around 9am is the time you start the trekking. What I should also mention at this point, is that I did all this with a freshly strained ankle that hurt a lot. You start by walking on the road for some time before they take you on the side and let you take some pictures of the marvellous hills. And then, the fun begins. Depending on the trak you choose, you will take different ways (If you are not a hiker or used to mountains, I do suggest the easy one) into the hills. From there on you can expect anything from climbing uphill, rocks, crossing rivers through the water, mud - loads of it, and even sliding on your bottom in some places if you are not prepared. After an hour my ankle stopped hurting from all the effort. If I knew what awaited me I would have never chosen to do this but I am oh so glad I did! The scenery was breathtaking and totally worth it and at the end of the day I am very proud of being able to finish the 13,5km of hiking. Even if you are not prepared or experienced, the amazing local ladies will always be by your side to help and hold you in case you need it. At some point on the hills you will stop for some lunch and, if you can't resist, some souvenir shopping. The arrival in the village will be the end of your day. Again, you will have the choice between sleeping in a hotel or a 'homestay' as they call it. The majority of the people choose the homestay for a more authentic feel. You shouldn't expect anything fancy but after a day like that, a shower and a place to lie down will seem like the biggest blessing. (And yes, they do have wifi) At the homestay you will be served dinner and have the chance to get to know the group better (or at least part of it). All in all it was an absoltely amazing trip for which I am happy and grateful and also turned out to be the best treatment for my ankle (lol). Some tipps I do have for you: • Have some adquite mountain shoes to stop you from sliding so much, if possible waterproof and easy to clean. (We cleaned our sneakers in the river near the homestay but they didn't dry so we had to wear them wet the next day) • When packing - take the less you can, the hole hike you will be doing with all your luggage so try not to make your life harder. • If you have a small camera, take that with you. My DSLR, which was hanging from my neck the hole time, was full of mud, as I was. And no, you have no time to put it in your bag and take it out again every time you see a gorgeus scenery. • wear sunscream even if it's cloudy, cold and rainy. We got burnt even with those weather conditions. • Don't worry! If a pregnant lady and someone who was limping two days before could do it, you can! • Enjoy!


    We had a private tour Sapa, Halong, Dong Hoi, Hue and HoiAn. We had the best time ever. Anh Lam was an excellent tour guide (Sapa). He was nice and kind. He had a humble attitude, accommodated all our needs and never made us feel rush. Anh Dz. also had a vast knowledge of Vietnam's history, culture, ethic groups and up-to-date world current events. In addition, he was a great story teller. Anh Huong was a quiet and skillful driver. We felt safe, comfortable and entertained at all times.